Options for Americans Seeking to Retire in Canada


There are many reasons why Canada is a great place to retire in, let alone live there! Many older applicants living in the US find they want to retire in Canada and think it’s rather easy. Unfortunately, this is not an easy process but there are a few paths available. Here is everything you need to know about retiring in Canada!

Retiring in Canada Part-Time

Moving to Canada solely to retire is not easy if you are looking to just kick back and relax. The Canadian government is very specific when inviting people into the country who won’t contribute through working and who could potentially become reliant on its healthcare system. For these reasons, many find it easier to retire and live in Canada part-time.

Visitor Visa

Those interested in part-time retirement in Canada can apply for a visitor visa. A visitor visa, also known as a “TRV” is valid up to 6 months with the chance to extend!

Parent and Grandparent Super Visa

Another option for applicants looking to live in Canada part-time can apply for a parent and grandparent super visa. To qualify for this visa, you have to have a child or grandchild that is a Canadian citizen. The parent and grandparent visa allows you to make visits up to 10 years in 2-year increments.

Retiring in Canada Full-Time

Retiring full-time and making the permanent move to Canada is much more difficult as there is no set route BUT don’t worry, there are options.

Work Permit

The best option when making the permanent move is to not fully retiring and applying through a work permit. This work programs include:

Family Sponsorship

A non-work option for those with relatives already living in Canada is through family sponsorship.


Canada is ALWAYS looking for investors to contribute to the country. There isn’t a specific program for investors anymore but there are paths for those able to make a qualifying investment. Learn more about options for investors in Canada.

Best Places to Retire in Canada

  1. Kingston, Ontario
  2. Vancouver, British Columbia
  3. Ottawa, Ontario
  4. Halifax, Nova Scotia
  5. Toronto, Ontario

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