Canada Wants More Immigrants Than Ever by 2021 Increasing their Immigration Plan


On Friday, October 30th Immigration Minister, Marco Mendicino, announced that Canada wants to attract 401,000 new permanent residents by next year. This is part of Canada’s ambitious plan to recover Canada’s economy by focusing on foreign workers. The previous immigration plan had a goal of 351,000 immigrants but now that COVID-19 hit, Canada wants to invite 50,000 more immigrants to boost the economy. These immigrants will be highly skilled workers and entrepreneurs with goals to stimulate the economy through working and opening businesses.

“To rebuild a stronger economy, we need to have enough workers to maintain supply chains, allow businesses to expand and create more jobs for Canadians. Whether in long term care homes, the tech sector or local restaurants, this crisis has highlighted the important contributions that newcomers make to our communities.”

Trudeau said in a press conference before Mendicino’s announcement.

The pandemic definitely decreased the flow of immigration to Canada and didn’t follow the previous immigration plan. Canada’s borders continue to be shut down allowing very little immigration at the time. Immigration Minister, Marco Mendicino, said that this new number target was created to make up those fall in immigration numbers. Canada planned on having 341,000 people immigrated to the country in 2020 by but August they have only been able to allow 128,425 individuals.

In addition to foreign workers, Canada plans to invite more International Students and then make it easier for them to become permanent residents.

“We have a situation in the country though the pandemic where we do have high unemployment rates but we also have vacancies. Immigration in particular, international students and temporary foreign workers, have an important role in filling those gaps.”

Leah Nord, senior director of workforce strategies at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

Previously Canada’s population was dropping while other major countries were increasing. Ever since Canada focused on their immigration policy they have increased the countries population with more than 80% of that growth being driven by immigrants.

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