Are Canada Spousal Sponsorship Processing Times Too Long?


Are Canadian spousal sponsorship applications taking too long to process? According to Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada, sponsoring a spouse can take up to 12 months under normal circumstances. In many cases, this is seen as too long to wait to be reunited with a spouse.

Kimberly Johnson, a Toronto woman, stated she’s waited close to two years so far for her spousal sponsorship application to be processed. She submitted the application in hopes her husband from Cuba would be living in Canada with her by this time.

Johnson claims she has reached out to her local Minister of Parliament’s office and says she was told by staff that the process could take an additional six to twelve months due to the pandemic.

Many other families are dealing with the same challenges Johnson is going through, which has led to protests in major cities all across the country. These families have brought forth a petition before the House of Commons asking that the government produce something called a “Special Temporary Resident Visa”. This visa would grant immediate family members (spouses and children) of a Canadian resident to reunite during a global emergency while they await decisions on their sponsorship applications.

What Steps Can You Take to Speed Up Your Spousal Sponsorship Process?

This all depends on where you applied and your situation. To avoid additional delays, you must make sure you include all photocopies and documents necessary and also make sure that they are clear. You should include all changes to personal information on your application and include every piece of information asked for on the application. Be sure to provide certified English or French translations of all original documents that are submitted in another language.

To be sure that you will not make any mistakes that will prolong your spousal sponsorship process, we highly recommend you hire an immigration lawyer.

Is There Another Option While I Am Waiting For My Spousal Sponsorship Application to be Processed?

Yes, you can apply for a Canadian visitor visa in the meantime. If a spouse applies within Canada, a Canadian visitor visa typically only takes 12 days to process.

Although it is not a permanent stay in Canada, a visitor may stay in Canada up to six months after the day they have arrived. This will allow you to wait for your spousal sponsorship application to be approved while living in Canada with your spouse. If you wish to stay longer than your authorized stay, you can apply for an extension in some cases.

VisaPlace specializes in helping foreign nationals apply for and receive Canadian visitor visas, and we are certain we can help you increase your chances with our extensive experience.

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