British Columbia has conducted new draws aimed specifically at regions outside Metro Vancouver, issuing at least 163 invitations through multiple streams of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.

The August 10 draws were targeted at tech, teaching and health occupations.

In the general draw, which included tech occupations, 155 invitations were issued through five BC PNP streams for skilled workers and international graduates. Minimum scores ranged from 76 to 114 points.

In the targeted draw, a further 5 invitations were issued to skilled workers and international graduates scoring at least 60 points in a draw targeting Early Childhood Educators and Assistants under NOC 4214.

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A draw targeted at Healthcare workers saw ‘less than 5’ invitations issued to skilled workers, international graduates and entry level and semi-skilled workers, also with a minimum score of 60 points. The number of invitations was listed as ‘less than 5’ to protect the identity of those who were invited.

Further draw of ‘less than 5’ invitations went to entry level and semi-skilled workers targeted specifically at Healthcare Assistants under NOC 3413, with a minimum score of 60. 

The final set of ‘less than 5’ targeted invitations went to skilled workers and international graduates under NOCs 3114 and 3213 for veterinarians and animal health technologists and veterinary technicians respectively, with a minimum score of 60.

Latest B.C. Immigration Draws

Date Category Minimum Score Invitations Issued Description







Skilled Worker 105 155 Targeted draw: Regional 

(includes tech occupations)*

Skilled Worker – EEBC 114
International Graduate 87
International Graduate – EEBC 97
Entry Level and Semi-Skilled 76
Skilled Worker, International Graduate 60 5 Targeted draw: Regional, Childcare: Early childhood educators and assistants (NOC 4214)
Skilled Worker, International Graduate, Entry Level and Semi-Skilled 60 <5 Targeted draw: Regional, Healthcare
Entry Level and Semi-Skilled 60 <5 Targeted draw: Regional, Healthcare: Health care assistants (NOC 3413)
Skilled Worker, International Graduate 60 <5 Targeted draw: Regional, other priority occupations (NOCs 3114, 3213)


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