How Coronavirus Has Impacted International Couples


Coronavirus has taken a huge toll on Americans and foreigners the past 6 months with no end date in sight. As the pandemic and spread of COVID-19 has slowed down, many are still being impacted, especially international couples.

In the US, you can find restaurants, stores, and other in-person establishments slowing re-opening by taking precautions and setting mandatory rules for customers. What about the travel bans that were put in place? What about the international couples who are still struggling to reunite to this day and after 6 months of separation? These couples are eager to see their loved ones!

Steps International Couples Can Take to Speed Up the Process

Unfortunately, there is no set date that the border will be open for travel to reunite with your partner, but there are steps you can be taking to get closer to that goal! This involves applying for a US Visitor Visa, K-1 Visa, or for Spousal Sponsorship. Ideally, this is a great time to be completely prepared, speak with an immigration professional, and get set on an immigration path that can speed up the process!

K-1 Fiancé Visa: The K-1 Visa allows a US Citizen to sponsor his or her fiancé to the US to get married and settle. The K-1 Visa gets you on a path to marriage and eventually a Green Card. If marrying your partner is in the cards, this is a great time to apply for the K-1 Visa as they are now being processed again and being prioritized. This could possibly get you a step closer to reuniting with your significant other as travel restrictions loosen up in the future.

Spousal Sponsorship: If one is already married or engaged to a US Citizen, starting your US Spousal Sponsorship process may be for you. When sponsoring your spouse to the US, this allows them to move to the US permanently after proving the basis of that relationship.

Visitor Visa: A visitor visa is a nonimmigrant visa for those who wish to enter the US for business, tourism, or simply visit. These visas can either single-entry or multiple-entry.

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