Express Entry 2019: Majority of ITAs issued to candidates outside Canada

Express Entry

Indian and United States residents also highly competitive

Both Indian and U.S. residents received a significant proportion of ITAs in 2019. Indian residents received the second-highest number of invitations, with a total of 14,926 ITAs received, equivalent to 17 percent of all invitations issued through Express Entry in 2019.

U.S. residents received the third-highest number of invitations, with a total of 10,185 ITAs received, or 12 percent of the total for 2019. Residents of the U.S. have nearly doubled the number of ITAs received between 2017 and 2019.

Please note that there is an important difference between citizens and residents. Many people residing in one country may actually be citizens of another country. For example, many Indian citizens choose to immigrate to Canada while residing in the United States on a temporary H-1B visa. However, if they are living in the U.S., these workers are included in the figures as residents of the United States.

For detailed information about ITAs issued based on country of citizenship, please check out our article on the topic.

Invitations issued by Top 10 countries of residence

Below are the total numbers of ITAs issued based on the top 10 most common countries of residence.

Express Entry ITAs issued by Top 10 Countries of Residence, 2018 & 2019
Country of Residence Number of ITAs received, 2018 Percent of total ITAs issued, 2018 Number of ITAs received, 2019 Percent of total ITAs issued, 2019
Canada 39,936 45% 40,550 48%
India 17,636 19% 14,926 17%
United States 9,981 11% 10,185 12%
Nigeria 3,724 4% 3,819 4%
United Arab Emirates 2,029 2% 1,708 2%
Pakistan 1,365 2% 1,180 1%
Morocco 585 1% 860 1%
Australia 831 1% 791 1%
China 871 1% 768 1%
United Kingdom 1,186 1% 699 1%
Other 11,656 13% 9,814 12%
Total ITAs 89,800 100% 85,300 100%
Percentage figures are based on a total of 89,800 ITAs, which is the total number of ITAs issued through Express Entry in 2018. Percentage figures are based on a total of 89,800 ITAs, which is the total number of ITAs issued through Express Entry in 2019.

The information in this article is from the year-end 2019 Express Entry report, which was published by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) in June, 2020.

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